Your party is only a few days away and you still don't know what to wear?

 Here are a few tips for a great Holiday look:

- A little black dress is often the perfect solution for your special evening. Add a jewelled belt for a chic and trendy look

- Are you looking to quickly embellish your outfits? Add a touch of lace for a truly feminine and attractive look. Your outfit will reach a different level of chic, guaranteed. 

- Finally, have fun! Your smile and good mood is your best outfit!

Style Guide Cristelle

Psst, do you want to know what I asked Santa for this year?

Here is my list:

  1. A pair of Louboutin shoes (because they always make my ♥ melt!)
  2. A clutch purse (to carry my essentials for a girls' nights out (I'm coming! I'm coming!))
  3. A pair of leather gloves (because my hands are always cold when I'm driving)
  4. A sequin t-shirt (for an effortless chic look when I'm hosting at my place)
  5. Coach sunglasses (for a movie star look when it's nice out (even in winter!))
  6. A faux-fur collar (for my 100% chic look on New Year's Eve)
  7. Pyjama pants (with their silky cotton, they are so elegant and comfortable when I wake up at my in-laws)
  8. A really cute lingerie set (to feel feminine and charming at home with my darling)
  9. A lace blouse (because it's the perfect complement to the Coach sunglasses)
  10. Pearl necklaces (because they add that chic touch that's missing on any outfit)
  11. A red polka-dot dress (just because it fits like a glove)

So what did you wish for this year?

Happy Holidays!