THE top trend of the season is without a doubt the black and white combo. Chic, classic and perfect for all body types, it will save you from a style crisis and you will be named "style master" by your friends and colleagues. This is how you can wear this achromatic duo:

  1. Add a fun touch to your look with a coloured purse or shoes to create your own style. You prefer being completely dressed in black and white? Look even prettier at your next girls’ night out with a touch of red mat colour added to your lips.
  2. If your hips are a little wider, choose a mix of white on the top and black on the bottom. Our flare dress with square neckline would be perfect for you because it will give radiance to your face (with the white top) while softening your curves (with the black bottom).
  3. Don't be afraid to mix black and white prints together. For example, a white blouse with black polka-dots can be worn with a pair of white pants and a black and white striped blazer. This should only be attempted if the blacks and whites are identical, because cream really hates white!
  4. You can also wear these colours as opposites. In fact, slip on a white blouse and wear it with a pair of black pants to create a completely contrasting effect. A simple and easy outfit to put together!
  5. Combine different textures to create an interesting look. A white fluid blouse would look cute worn with a lace skirt or even with a pair of black jeans.


How will you fit this graphic trend into your wardrobe?